Saturday, August 30, 2014

Disease for Sale

Attention Cause Marketers: Unique Opportunity Available.
Are you looking for a disease to use to generate sales? 
Hit the ground running with a new social media campaign...
October is now available. 
And if you act now, we will give you pink- for free!

October can now be yours. For all the marketing, media and promotional campaigns who are seeking a disease to sell products, October is now open for a new, fresh approach. Pick a disease, any disease and support that instead. ALS is hot, hot, hot right now. Imagine an ice bucket challenge in chilly October? There are thousands of diseases to choose from.

Everyone is aware of breast cancer. Everyone. These "awareness" campaigns actually take away from true research (and other diseases) because all the money is being spent being "publicly aware." Slap a pink ribbon on and you have done your part. Declare you are all for Saving the Tatas and with a wink and a smile you are not only aware, but you are a little naughty.

It has finally culminated in the basest form of cause marketing. This very well could be the straw that broke the pink camel's back.

The Facebook challenge cashing in on breast cancer is asking women to go bra-less on October 13 to "Support Breast Cancer." 

Healthy women of all ages displaying their bra-less images on their Facebook profiles will  "help" women afflicted with breast cancer? That is why they will be doing it?

Or is it yet another calculated target at the narcissistic mania of featuring yourself on your Facebook page doing something "noble-looking" that all your friends can "like" and comment on? "You look gorgeous!" and "Great tits!" will fill  the comment section. The adoration will be lapped up and more and more images will appear. Ice buckets will be poured over bra-less women to turn it into a wet T-shirt contest. Wait for it, you will see it. Just how will that translate to ending breast cancer? It won't. If you want to show off your wet t-shirt selves, do it because you want to show off, don't pretend you are saving lives.

And, for those of you object to this new campaign, be prepared for some rather nasty blow back. The KJR 95.7 Facebook page, one of many promoting it, had some women speaking out on the insensitivity and stupidity of this campaign, now in its second year.

Sara K. objected to a bra-less day post by saying the following:

"This is disgusting. An illness that takes the lives of so many women shouldn't have to be noticed just because it was fit to please the male gaze. There is more to breast cancer than saving breasts, it's saving a HUMAN."

Here are a few of the thousands of replies, exactly as they appeared: 

From Denise R. 
 "Whatever, my grandmother has breast cancer, which means I am a slightly higher risk for cancer. I support this type of marketing because it gets us money. It gets the research done. Don't get your panties in a bunch. Stop feeling bad for people with cancer -- so because you have cancer, you shouldn't be around sex, or sex related material? My brother had brain cancer -- he loves to make jokes about it. STFU. Why are people so fucking serious??? So because you had cancer you stop being human? If you're so depressed to think about this as offensive, then get treatment. For depression. Fast."

From Anthony W.
"There is always one person like yourself that can always ruin fun for everyone else."

From Joseph D.
"Just zip it b!tch &; show me your tits!...your going 2 show them 2 somebody ! "why not " me?"

From Brandie N. 
 "Bras are a MAJOR factor causing breast cancer you daft bimbo. No woman should ever wear a bra!"

From Eben L.
"Lol here comes the term referred to as calm down by saying "calm your tits" ... Because in a sense it does raze awareness but obviously ppl like you have tunnel vision and only see the bad in everything. I feel sorry for morbid people like you though..."

From Alex W. 
"Feminist idiot!"

From Morgan B.

"I'm certain you've heard/read this any times in your life. Count me as one more...SHUT UP!"

Brave Dionna D. stepped in and said,

"Can't see why flaunting your healthy breast would help support any woman who has lost hers to cancer! Dumb idea!"

From Steve B.
"That's because you are a jealous idiot...."

From Nathan B.
"i support breast cancer...keeps down the population."

Yes. You read that correctly. You have heard from the public. These campaigns do nothing for breast cancer except bring out the worst in people. So if any other disease would like the spotlight this October, take it. It's yours. Let's see what they can come up with for other things that kill people.

And to add insult to injury, October 13th is also Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness day. I am sure "Nathan B." celebrates that as well.

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Anonymous said...

You can't fix stupid. These replies are appalling.
(from one who's been through the war)