Monday, May 13, 2013

Our Lee

It happens with so many things we come across in our lives. We live in many places, but there is that special one that holds a warm place in our heart. It may not have been big and fancy, but we loved it for what it was. It happens with our pets. We all adore our furry friends, but there is that one little guy who you will always feel the closest to. Sometimes, it even happens with our friends. We all have different kinds of friends. There are the old friends we've known forever, who know all of our secrets, and even though we may not see them for ages we can pick up our last conversation right where we last left off.  When meet new friends they are interesting and the "newness" of them is exciting.  We feel blessed to have all of our friends in our lives.  And, sometimes, if we are very lucky, we have a friend in our life like Lee.

Lee was beautiful. That word is not even adequate. She was stunning. Lee was funny and had a very quick sense of humor. Lee was a mom who devoted her life to her amazing girls. Lee was a wife and friend to her loving husband. Lee could drive one girl to a sporting event, take the other to a music lesson, run home and put a healthful, delicious dinner in the oven, get out her trusted Dyson and vacuum like no one's business and be finished in time to pick up each girl and greet her husband with a wonderful family dinner in a sparkling house as he returned home from a long business trip.

Lee was my friend. She was a true friend to so many. Her friendships spanned in person friends and also included an vast array of women she met on our online support forum for women with breast cancer. Lee also had breast cancer -  a terribly aggressive form of the disease that she did everything in her power to fight. And she had quite a fight these last few months. The cancer was relentless but Lee fought every curve ball it could throw at her. On Mother's Day, Lee left this earth. Just a few days ago she was picking out her daughter's prom dresses. Now she is gone. In the wake of her loss are countless women who loved her deeply because Lee was one of those very special people who touch you in a way that is so rare. She is irreplaceable and unforgettable.

This has been a kick in the stomach to all of us. It feels like someone took the sun away.  She warmed us with her friendship and her cheerfulness. She just made us feel better simply by being present in our lives.

But the cold we are feeling right now won't last long because Lee won't let it. In fact, with Lee watching over us from above, the sun will shine a little brighter, the stars will become clearer in the night sky, and the breezes will be softer. She will find ways for us to smile at the smallest of things. You'll see. Look for the extraordinary and beautiful around you, when you see something truly heartwarming, you'll know that Lee put it there for you.

I will miss our Lee terribly. I will try to do everything to continue her legacy of love and friendship.

Lee, I love you my sweet sister. Rest well you dear, sweet, gentle soul.