Monday, December 6, 2010

Elizabeth Edwards Cancer Progresses

According to, Elizabeth Edwards has announced that her cancer has spread from her bones to her liver and her doctors have informed her that no further treatment will be of help to her.

I find this news upsetting on so many levels.  The first is the No Surrender in me. I do not know her case, nor do I know the extend of her progression, but I do know many women who have lived with liver mets for a long time. There are chemo's available for it, along with radiation techniques. The other deep sadness is, of course, that yet another wonderful, loving, giving woman is enduring the horrors of breast cancer. When will it end? How do we change our lives to prevent this from happening to the next generation of women? Lastly, even though there has never been any concrete evidence to prove this, many doctors and survivors believe that  stress can decrease our immune system's ability to fight invaders. In this case, cancer cells. The amount of stress Mrs. Edwards has been under because of the actions of her estranged husband could certainly qualify as a contributing factor.

How incredibly sad and unbearably infuriating all of this is.

Stepping out of my place, because I am not a doctor, but simply a fellow survivor and patient advocate, I offer this:

Mrs. Edwards, I do not know your medical case or the extent of your progression. But I do know there are chemotherapies out there that can help you fight. You have an amazing doctor who has been a trail blazer in Triple Negative Breast Cancer. She is a leader in the field. I am updating this letter to you because I have just read that all avenues have been exhausted. I am so very sorry to read that news.  Perhaps you could try our EdgeCam regimen of supplementation, if Dr. Carey approves it, to ameliorate some of your side effects.  I do not know the answer. But I do know that if you have decided to do nothing more and enjoy your time left with your beautiful children, please know you have millions of fellow sisters holding your hand across the miles.

May God bless you and your family.

Gina Maisano

We are all Standing By You
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Anonymous said...

So very well said Gina.


Anonymous said...

I heard this on the news earlier today and was soooo sad ... nice post G ... we don't know how long ago her liver mets were diagnosed or what treatments she's had ... so sad that we're going to be losing another strong woman to breast cancer.