Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Love Your Body

Today is Love Your Body Day and Gina Maisano was Featured in an article by Family Goes Strong about Loving YOUR Body After Breast Cancer....
Read it HERE

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pink is for Sissies

I don't know about you, but I found nothing pink about breast cancer, its treatments or its aftermath. It is hell on earth and delicate, little pink pieces of polyester satin do not emerge from its battlefield. Victors do. Women who have faced down death and now face the world with a steely determination that is unmatched by anything on this earth except for maybe one thing: Platinum.

Platinum is described as one of the strongest  metals on earth. It is called "dense, ductile, malleable, precious and transitional." Let's take a look at those words:

Dense - which is intense and extreme

Ductile - which is able to undergo change of form without breaking

Malleable - which is adaptable

Precious - which is highly esteemed for some rare quality, beloved and  dear

Transitional - to change from one state or position to another seamlessly.

What do you think? You- who have heard the words "you have breast cancer" and gone on to fight it, survive it and live the best life after it - do you feel like a flimsy, piece of synthetic fluff? Or are you intense, adaptable, of rare quality, able to undergo change without breaking?

I have had breast cancer twice. I don't do pink. I'm platinum, baby. Pure, shining, brilliant and strong as hell.

Join me in making PLATINUM the symbol of breast cancer- if we must have a symbol at all.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Book Signing

 A windy, rainy, chilly night in the Month of Pink did not deter visitors from coming to The Book Revue in Huntington for a talk and book signing of  Intimacy After Breast Cancer.

There were old friends and family, newly diagnosed women and veterans sharing a few moments together. We talked, laughed and read a little. It was great fun.

Thank you to the Book Revue for their hospitality and to everyone who came out last night.

Monday, October 11, 2010

There and Back: A Celebration of Survival

Thursday, October 7th was a magical night of hope, empowerment and love. It was clear, warm evening as the guests walked up the brick path lined with multicolored mums and lilac luminaries to the main house where the party was hosted. Once they checked in, they came inside to find rooms full of people celebrating survival. There was food and libations and music. The French doors all opened to a tent decorated with star gazer lilies, roses and peacock feathers.

There were posters of pictures and biographies of the women who were the stars of the show: The Warrior Angels Survivor Models. They mingled among the guests before they disappeared upstairs to change into their high fashion dresses provided by the Ooh La Shoppe of Locust Valley. Delicious hot hors d'oeuvres, provided by Elegant Affairs Caterers, were passed by members of the Manhasset High School Senior class. Each had volunteered their time to help the Foundation. Two, wonderful people, Rhea Davis and Tom Jones, volunteered their time to tend the busy bars. The breakfast room had been transformed into a book signing nook, where copies of Intimacy After Breast Cancer were being offered to the guests.

Guests came from all over the area, included New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut and even Canada.

At 8:30 the attention turned to the runway. The Warrior Angel fashion show was about to begin. Each model was introduced as she walked out. They looked stunning in their dresses. Their hair and makeup had been provided by the world famous Nubest Salon. There were cheers and tears as the power of these women overcoming breast cancer swept over the crowd. Some models were new survivors, some had advanced disease, all were magnificent. The finale model was the most hopeful of all. She had been diagnosed at a young age and because of the rigors of chemotherapy and the effect it has on a woman's ability to have children, she had her eggs frozen to have a child after treatment, however she was diagnosed a second time and it was not possible for her to sustain a pregnancy. So her sister carried her baby for her. He was born in May and was held in his mother's arms as she walked the runway looking radiant and beautiful.

The night proved what breast cancer survivors already know, we are strong, beautiful, victors who have exciting lives yet to be lived.

All proceeds of the event went to the No Surrender Breast Cancer Foundation's Before Forty Initiative. You can read about our program HERE

We would like to thank so many who helped make this event possible:
Nubest Salon and Spa, Manhasset
Ooh La Shoppe, Locust Valley
Bruce Black
Elegant Affairs Caterers, Glen Cove
Elite Tent and Party Rental, Glen Cove
Printstars, Sea Cliff
Rug Renovators
Rhea Davis
Tom Jones
The Manhasset High School Senior Class
Laura Casale Architect
and our Co-Chairs: 
Maria Usher & Kathleen Caridi