Friday, September 24, 2010

Why I wrote the book, "Intimacy After Breast Cancer"

CNN just published this story: "Breast Cancer Survivors Report Sexual Problems the Norm"

This is precisely why I wrote my book, Intimacy After Breast Cancer, Dealing with Your Body, Relationships & Sex. I have had breast cancer twice... chemotherapy twice... surgery, radiation, reconstruction, and everything else they could throw at me... hear this:  sexual dysfunction from breast cancer treatments does not have to be permanent.

You can return to a fulfilling sex life. You can get your body back. You can feel sexy again. Do not let anyone tell you (read: doctors) that you have to accept a sexless life as part of the "new normal." Hell no, baby. You didn't fight so hard to save your life to live half a life!  I have had everything done to me, I am on Femara. I get Lupron once a month. Trust me on this one.  It is not over. And I show you how to get there.

This may seem like a shameless plug for the book, but anyone who knows me, knows that I get really pissed off when "they" tell us that we have to accept less than a wonderful life because we had breast cancer. 

As Pink Hell Month descends upon us and "they" depict us as the orphans of the storm, pull on those hot jeans, kick ass boots, show off your recon and get out there. In fact, come to our party in New York and watch our fashion show with the Warrior Angel Survivor Models. They are all thriving women who just happened to have had or have breast cancer and are showing the world how beautiful they are.

Get up and get out there, girl. Your life is waiting!!!

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Kathi said...

I don't know what's more maddening sometimes -- when the conventional wisdom doesn't even recognize survivorship issues, or when it does, but doesn't offer any solutions. Our best solutions so often come from one another. Thanks for all you do, Gina. And bless you. So glad you've made it to nine.

xoxoxo xoxoxo xoxoxo (one for each year)