Friday, September 24, 2010

Because It Matters

The Before Forty Initiative

Think back. After the shock of hearing your diagnosis calmed down a bit, the what-ifs crept in. What if I have to do chemo? What if I lose my hair? What if I lose my breasts?

The side effects of the first two, chemo and hair loss, are temporary. Your body recovers and your hair grows back. It really does. But losing your breasts? That one is permanent. How do you wrap your mind around such a thing? It is a part of you that reflects sensuality, motherhood and your sense of self. While you are not your breasts, not by a long shot, it still is hard to contemplate losing them.

You go online and as one friend told me, the photos look like something out of "Silence of the Lambs." Until now. A company finally gets it. They created a smart, sensitive, informative and hopeful website that answers all your questions, has video diaries from real patients and doctors to take you through each step of all types of reconstruction. They put this site together for one, simple reason: It Matters. Breast reconstruction and how it can change your life and your self esteem after so much loss, is something that has come a long way. Doctors are able to make you look absolutely beautiful.

When Pandora's box was opened and fear, anxiety, anger and despair was set loose, one other thing was released as well: hope. The Pandora's box of  your cancer diagnosis opened with the same items inside your soul. Look for the hope. The chemo works. Your hair comes back. And, if you have to get a mastectomy or two, you CAN have beautiful breasts again.

I highly recommend you take a look at because I know from personal experience, it really does matter.

Take a closer look at that photo. That is breast reconstruction. Not bad, eh?

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