Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tangled Up In Pink

I have a fabulous new book out, if you haven't heard! It is about reclaiming your life after they ship you off into the "new normal" when breast cancer treatments are over...

In it you will find all you need to know about post-treatment  skin care, your new hair, addressing your post surgical body image,  how to build self confidence and detailed tips on products to use,  nips and tucks as well as reconstructive surgery on your breasts. And that is just the first section.

The second section tackles your relationships, your husband, your dating life, and your sex life. Cancer survivors know that is one thing our doctors never talk about - well I talk about it! Everything you need to know to get your mojo back is in there.

Now, I ask you, wouldn't you want to know about this in May? How about July? How about whatever month you need to know about it??

Apparently, you mention anything that has to do with breast cancer and editors of magazines want to cover it in October. October, also know as Pink Hell Month. October, that orgiastic pink frenzy of "awareness" that blights out every other month of the year...

Girls! Don't you want to know about how to date with reconstructed breasts now? Don't you want to know what Botox can do to your newly hatched chemo-wrinkles? Don't you want to have the same hot sex life you had pre-breast cancer? Aren't you sick to death of October being the only time breast cancer is talked about?

I wrote this book for us. I have been to Cancerland twice.  I want you to find your inner goddess, too.

So, here, in the beautiful month of April, I am telling you about my beautiful book. Don't wait until October. Look and feel your best this summer! Tell your friends, now... not in October.


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