Thursday, March 25, 2010

Intimacy After Breast Cancer, Dealing With Your Body, Your Relationships and Sex

The New Book is finally out!

Finding Your Way Back to Life (and Love) After Breast Cancer

Square One Publishers Proudly Presents
A New Book That Gives Hope, Help and Direction to Women
With Breast Cancer and to All Who Love Them

Intimacy After Breast Cancer, Dealing with your Body, Your Relationships and Sex

While medical professionals prepare you for the physical effects of cancer, they seem to forget about your spirit, your emotions, and your sexuality. So how do you put cancer behind you and go back to being the woman you used to be? In Intimacy after Breast Cancer, two-time breast cancer survivor Gina Maisano compassionately discusses this and more in an open, honest way, helping you rediscover the woman you were before your battle with this disease.

Part One of this book is about regaining control of your body and your spirit. It examines ways in which you can deal with the emotional and physical scars of breast cancer so that you can regain confidence and self-esteem. Part Two is about reclaiming your sexual self. In candid detail, and addressing both married and single survivors, it explores how you can rediscover your sexuality after breast cancer. Throughout the book, stories contributed by other survivors offer a wealth of personal perspectives and specific examples of physical recovery and emotional healing.

Love and intimacy do not have to end because of breast cancer. In Intimacy after Breast Cancer, Gina uses expert advice, scientific research, and firsthand experience to help you make the difficult transition from cancer patient to vibrant, self-confident woman.

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Anonymous said...

I have just received my copy of Intimacy After Breast Cancer by Gina M. Maisano and I can't wait to read every page of it! Although I have only met her once, Gina is a dynamic woman who, beyond her own survival of breast cancer (twice that is) is a passionate advocate devoted to helping and supporting countless others whose lives are touched by cancer. Gina, CONGRATULATIONS to you, Intimacy After Breast Cancer will be a vital resource to us all. Sherry Abbott