Friday, February 12, 2010

True Warrior on Our Side

Anyone who has ever watched Fox News knows who Jennifer Griffin is. She is the fearless reporter in the war zone dodging incoming fire to get the story. She can be found interviewing Benjamin Netanayhu and the leaders of Hammas.  She was instrumental in securing the release of  her fellow journalist Steve Centanni and his colleague Olaf Wiig from their kidnappers in Gaza. And when she is not wearing a flack jacket and helmet, her presence on camera is one of lovely grace. I might add here that I have always admired her earrings.  The girl's got style.

Five months ago, Jennifer discovered a large tumor in her breast. It was breast cancer. That is bad enough to hear for anyone. But then she heard that she had "the bad one," triple negative breast cancer. As a survivor of TNBC, I know what a shock that little tidbit added on to a terrifying diagnosis is like. But it appears that Jennifer is approaching this with the same grit and determination she uses in her professional life. She is fighting like hell.

I saw her on television last night and reached out to a friend to get in contact with her. Because if anyone embodies the No Surrender spirit it is Jennifer. She is working out during her chemo and eating right. She isn't schlepping around  - she gets dressed and looks great, with an awesome collection of wigs. And I hope she is wearing those earrings of hers...

She is also fighting for women who have TNBC. We need voices like hers to help all of us. The more women we can educate about triple negative the better. That is what our Before Forty Initiative is all about.

I am glad to have Jennifer on our side. If anyone can get researchers to work harder and focus more on TNBC, it is her.

You can follow her journey on her blog:

And Jennifer, from all of us here, we wish you the best in your fight- No Surrender!!!

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