Saturday, January 2, 2010

Men Get Breast Cancer Too

Here is another thing the pink ribbon can't wrap up into a pretty bow: Men get breast cancer too.
And they have to endure the same things we women do. They get mastectomies, undergo brutal chemotherapy and even hormonal treatments. They cannot escape any of the Beast's ugliness.

In many ways it is harder for them because of how PINK it has become. Cancer is cancer. There should be one color- camouflage- to represent its awareness. Because it hides under cover and it is hard to see coming... it is a terrorist inside our bodies, male or female. If we are lucky, the terrorist is caught early. But for many, especially men, it is caught too late, because they don't think it is possible for them to ever get breast cancer.

This year, how about spreading awareness for Male Breast Cancer? Let the men in your life know that if they find a lump, get it checked out.

We lost a beloved member of No Surrender yesterday. Mike Eanes fought a long, courageous battle.
In his honor, we are starting the Camouflage Campaign for Male Breast Cancer.

Mike, you will be dearly missed. May God bless you.

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