Friday, December 4, 2009

If you are local, please help

Young's Farm is a beautiful, family owned farm that has been in our area since 1893. I grew up shopping for our vegetables there. I go at least twice a week and it is a wonderful resource for organic vegetables, home made pies and jellies and unique farm-style gifts.

The owner is a fellow survivor, we were in treatment together, she and I share the same oncologist. She has kept the farm true to its roots because she is a member of the Young's family and has worked there her whole life.

Next to the farm is Villa Banfi, the winery. They have vineyards in Italy and here on Long Island. They bought up a good portion of the Young's Farm property to keep the space open and to help continue the legacy of the open space that is beloved by all who live here. On the weekends, you can see people from all over the area there. It is a destination because it is a step back in time, to a simpler, lovelier way of life.

Long Island has changed since I was a girl. Open spaces have been turned into housing developments. The Banfi Fields/Young's Farm is one of the last open spaces in the county.

The new owners of the Villa Banfi property want to turn Young's Farm into a House Farm of McMansions. The county and the Nassau Land Alliance has made an offer to purchase the property to keep it open and farmed.

The Legislature will hold a vote on Monday, December 7th. If there are enough signatures on the petition voting YES, Young's Farm will be saved, along with all the jobs of the wonderful people who work there.

Please sign this petition. It takes only a moment.
Go to this link:

THIS is what you will be saving...

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