Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How YOU can help fight the new breast cancer guidelines

As we all know, the new mammography and BSE guidelines will be deadly for women. How on earth they could be considered is nothing short of murder.

Months ago, the No Surrender Breast Cancer Foundation started the Before Forty Initiative.
You can read about it HERE.

Little did we know that such an irresponsible report would surface and actually be considered. Here were are fighting for EARLIER screening and a government board tells women to wait until it is too late to find their cancer.

Chase Community giving is  donating to registered, 501 c3 not for profit foundations that need money.  WE NEED MONEY

What do we need it for?
 We need to hire a computer person/web editor.

We need a comprehensive publicity campaign.
We need to print our BEFORE FORTY INFORMATION PAMPHLETS so we can start NOW and get the word out so women will IGNORE those deadly guidelines and save their own lives.

We all know that without early detection, winning the battle against breast cancer is very difficult. Particularly if it is found BEFORE FORTY, the cancer is more aggressive. And in many cases, it is Triple Negative. This is especially true for African American women because TNBC strikes them more frequency, BEFORE FORTY.

So, how can you help us fight this?

We know it is hard after treatment for a survivor to donate her own money. So Chase Community Giving is helping solve that for us. 

All you have to do is Click on THIS LINK. This will bring you to the Chase Community Giving page. Once there, you then select "BECOME A FAN of CHASE"
After you become a Fan you can then VOTE FOR NO SURRENDER at this link or enter "No Surrender Breast Cancer Foundation" in the Charity Search box.

The more votes we get, the greater our chance of winning funding for BEFORE FORTY, publicity and the web editor.

Won't you please help us out?

Our Constantine has spelled out better instructions, I copied them from our forum here:

The No Surrender Community:

As you may know already, Chase and Facebook have teamed to launch a unique corporate philanthropy program called Chase Community Giving: You Decide What Matters, a grassroots campaign that allows you to choose from more than 500,000 small and local charities to decide which community organizations you want to receive donations totaling millions. The eligible charity receiving the most votes will be awarded $1 million, the top five runners-up will receive $100,000 each and the 100 finalists will be awarded $25,000 each.

The No Surrender Breast Cancer Foundation (NSBCF) that Gina has founded and operates is the non-profit organization that as you know runs the exceptional content-rich No Surrender family of breast cancer support sites (including the No Surrender Breast Cancer Support Message Forum most of us are heavily engaged in) and NSBCF is one of the non-profit organizations competing in this program. Since it is inevitably substantial in cost (personal) for Gina to administer and operate NSBCF, a grant can help assure that NSBCF survives and prospers to continue its outreach Good Works. For me, given its exceptional value and professional content, and the wonderful community of users who continue to populate and enrich it, I post there almost exclusively and now serve as a one of NSBCF's medical advisors (and everyone - advisors and the administrator (Gina) - serves without compensation).

Voting for NSBCF is relatively easy and worth the effort:

  1. Proceed to the Chase Community Giving page
  2. Search for "No Surrender Breast Cancer Foundation". 
    1. If you are not yet a Facebook user, you can sign up (you'll receive an email with a confirmatory link to click).
    2. Then before you can actually vote, you must become a "Fan" of the Chase Community Giving program, a quick and straightforward process. 
    3. If you need it there is a nice Chase Community Giving FAQ page, which even includes a brief video illustrating the process of signing up and voting.
  1. After you vote look to see that the page acknowledges "Thanks for Voting!" and off to the  left side, shows a count of "19 Votes Left" (a count of 20 indicates that the vote didn't properly  register).
  2. Optionally you can, after voting, add a comment as an encouragement to others.

Let's help to make sure that No Surrender is around to continue helping so many with breast cancer, and to improve to better serve its community.

Constantine Kaniklidis
Breast Cancer Watch

(Please note: if you vote and it registers correctly the page will say "You have 19 votes left." If it says "You have 20 votes left." your vote did not go through.

These are hard times for non-profits. Especially young ones like ours that are just starting to grow. But grow we must so we can make sure no woman is ever alone through her cancer again.... so she knows to be her own best advocate and to fight for screening BEFORE FORTY.... to learn about her cancer.... to benefit from our breaking research news.... to know that 24/7 they will find other survivors on our message forum to share with.

This money will help us more than I can convey. Please, take a moment, and vote. That is all we ask.
Thank you.

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