Sunday, May 17, 2009

Learning to Let Go

Cancer has many downsides, and Lord knows we have examined them here. But a diagnosis and its ensuing horrors does help us put things into perspective. We also learn how to accept losses gracefully.

As a young woman who was diagnosed, I had to give up a lot. The biggest loss was having children. After that, the other losses don't seem so bad. Many of us have given up part of our bodies, been forced to give up our careers and find new ones. Some have even lost their spouses because they were not able to handle the new woman their wives had become.

We learn to let go and see the never ending possibilities before us.

Cancer has trained me well. It was a baptism by fire to be sure. But I like the new woman it made me. I am glad to be free.


Mark said...

He must have been out of his mind to let you go!
What are you doing this weekend?

Kathy said...

Doesn't Swoooooosh feel good?
love you