Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ecomony Class

Gold is up, that's good - or bad- because if it is up that means there is something wrong with the financial system....
Oil is down, that's bad - or good- because if it is down that means there is something wrong with the financial system.....
Unemployment numbers are not accurate because it is really the Quarterly Earnings that count... or do they? Inflation or deflation, stop the money making printing presses.....
Stocks? Bulls and Bears oh my. Financials are down but will shoot up because they are being subsidised by the government, or not. Tech stocks are sketchy at best and commodities are so so if cap and trade gets capped and traded.
Mark to market... this is worth that today but if you think of what it is worth tomorrow it is worth even more but we have to only count today so everything you own is devalued....
Cafe standards, car Czars, TARP, Son of TARP, bad loans, good loans, fannie loves freddie.....
Bailout Nation lives.

One thing I do know. We won't fix the economy by messing with health care. Thinking of putting yet another line in the pond? Please keep out of the Health Care system. We have enough problems. The same folks who are in charge of the financial system would be in charge of our health care decisions. Think about it!

The UK is great. God Save the Queen. I am an Anglo-phile if there ever was one. Yes, I have tea on my Royal Doulton with the handpainted periwinkles.... but I don't want their health care system, thank you. Women who have HER2+ breast cancer that metastasizes can not get life saving Herceptin or Tykerb. They could live for years if they allowed it. But the British health system says, No. So they either have to find the money to get it elsewhere or die.
In Canada, if your province doesn't have a reconstructive surgeon your choices post mastectomy are limited.

Do we really want to follow the health care model of the UK and Canada? And do they really believe that if we do it will save the economy?

I am an American. I am a proud American. Americans get a bad rap. Just like the New York Yankees. Why? Because we have a big payroll and the best players. So lots of other teams hate the Yankees. When the Yanks are in a slump people love to gloat. But they are still the Yankees and when they are having bad season you won't ever see Derek Jeter get up and give a speech apologizing to all the other teams because the Yankees are legendary, will always be the super power in baseball, and will always find a way to win the pennant.

It's time for everyone to slow down. Let's put our priorities in order. Let's fix what's broken. If it can't be broken then get rid of it. Let us let the people who know what they are doing make the decisions. And let's get ready for a fight.

Because whether you are a democrat or republican or independent or green party or socialist - believe THIS:

Pay attention. Things are happening very fast and we could lose everything.
We have cancer. We cannot afford it.

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danahollis said...

Totally agree. 'Nuff said.