Saturday, January 3, 2009

Kay Galipeau

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I report the loss of our friend, Kay Galipeau, known as "Fancy" on the message forum.

Fancy was the name of her favorite horse. She was an accomplished horsewoman and well loved around the country by all who knew her.

Kay had first fought cancer in 1995 and had a new primary over ten years later. She developed mets last year and was winning the fight against them. However, the chemo was too rough on her liver and kidneys and her treatment had to be stopped.

Kay was surrounded by her dear friend and her daughter when she passed from this world into the next to join her beloved husband, Joseph, whom she lost last year.

Kay was a wonderful friend and was always willing to reach out and help any newly diagnosed woman. She had a wealth of information about alternative and CAM treatments and taught us so much. She also had a quick wit and a sassy sense of humor that often left us smiling long after we spoke to her.

This is the advice Kay gave to a newly diagnosed woman who had found out her cancer had spread...

"I finally decided that the Man Upstairs was driving the boat, and although NONE of this stuff made any sense to me, HE must have a plan. So I asked for the strength to handle whatever came to me and the grace to accept it. That seemed to help a lot.

Worrying won't help. Worry doesn't kill cancer, it HELPS it because the worry does a number on your immune system. Look around. See and hear and smell and taste the beauty that the Creator has put here for us. Love your friends. Forgive your enemies. Focus on today. If you get smacked flat by a truck tomorrow, all this won't matter anyway.

So, that's how I handled bc in '95, '05, and my husband's illness in '06-'07. I just let the Big Guy handle it. Does this work 100%? Um, truthfully, not. But it's the best I can do for myself. Hope it works a little for you, too."

That is how she went through life. We are richer for knowing her.

God Bless you, Kay.
We will miss you very much, but you will never be forgotten.


Anonymous said...

From a site totally unrelated to cancer, I knew and loved Kay.

She had described her battle, and her husband's to us with such great clarity and courage.

Then we saw her no more.

It took me all this time to get the courage up to find her by searching more creatively.

I am sad to lose a friend; but I am content that she is with God.

From Jai at Fics and Fans

sharie said...

Saddened to hear of this Brave lady's passing. I knew Kay only as Fancy, or Fancy's lady but everytime I saw her post I was awed by her great courage both in dealing with her own illness and that of her husbands.

I'm priviledged to see a photo of her on her lovely horse. Thank you for posting that.

best wishes to your family and friends

from Sharie
@Fics and Fans

Ruth said...

I am so sad to hear that Kay passed away. I knew her from other forums and admired her for her courage and her sweet personality. Rest in peace my friend. Fre from fics.