Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Our Alaskan Heroine

No, not that one.
Deb. Beautiful Deb, mom, wife, writer, glass maker, bear shooter, Alaskan, survivor.

Many of you know our Deb. But for those who do not, she is like no other person you will ever know. I have to borrow from Walt Whitman to describe her... she contains multitudes. She is a loving and giving mother who is a very active part of her daughter's lives. She has a magical marriage to a very special husband. She is a talented writer and gifted artist. And, should the occasion call for it, she is a straight shot and can shoot invading bears when they come into her yard.

She is also an amazing friend. She always has a kind word, a strong shoulder and a prayer for someone who needs it. Deb is the one who made up all those No Surrender buttons when I had my redux last year. She is the kind of woman you can call true friend.

Our friend is having a rough time right now. She is having some troubling side effects from her current treatment. I have no doubt that she will overcome them. Because she is Deb. But over at the No Surrender Message Forum we are going to give her a hand. Until she is better and back to herself and able to post again, every night at nine PM her sisters will light a candle in her honor. The flame will burn bright like Deb's indomitable spirit and the smoke will carry our love and prayers across the miles to her.

I hope you will join us. It's Deb. How could you not?

We love you Deb.

We got your back girl.


Martha P. said...

This is awesome. Thanks Gina for being there for all of us all the time.
I will be lighting my candle at nine tonight to honor Alaska Deb.
Bless you.

Anonymous said...

Saw this on BCO. Thank you for starting it. I will also add my candle to Deb.
Thanks NS.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Idea....for an awesome lady!
My candle will burn brightly nightly until this SE passes and Deb is feeling better.........Love you Deb!

Naniam said...

Love the idea and love the way we gather around those that need an bit of encouragment, a hug, and always our prayers.


Anonymous said...

I believe that Deb needs all of us all of the time. Looking back, she has honored us in her posts, in her travels, and always in her heart. Even though she does not post, I suspect that she hears the words we post. Continuing posts made, candles lit, and prayers said are bound to get back to her.

Thanks NS and thanks Deb with love and admiration,