Thursday, September 11, 2008

That Day

The bluest sky I ever saw
Soft September air
Bright Sunshine
Primary day.

Traffic moving well said the radio

The roar over my head
Going inside and not thinking about it
Giving my name to the receptionist

A small plane has struck the North Tower of the World Trade Center said the radio

A secretary screaming into the phone
"Is mom OK?!"
The word is spread through the waiting room
A security guard appears

Another plane has struck the South Tower of the World Trade Center said the radio

The doctor telling the staff to cancel all appointments
The security guard tells us no one can leave
I looked for the exit

People are jumping from the upper floors said the radio

Standing with others on the sidewalk
No one knowing what to do, where to go
My father walking swiftly towards me
Let's go

Manhattan is in lockdown said the radio

We decided to try uptown
Getting on the Triborough Bridge
We were alone
We stopped the car and got out and looked

The South Tower is down said the radio

Black, white, gray and then pink
Lower Manhattan smoldering
What has happened to our city?

Planes are still unaccounted for said the radio

My father looking up
We have to get off this bridge
Where are we going to go?
What is happening?

The Pentagon has been hit said the radio

Why doesn't the air force shoot down the planes?
Is that a fighter jet?

A plane is headed for the White House said the radio

Try the phone again
Is Tommy OK?
Drop me off at my car and head home
Your car is at the airport

The North Tower has fallen said the radio

Drive safely
Hurry and get home
Don't stay on the open road too long if you can help it
I love you

All planes have been ordered down said the radio

No cars
I am alone on the eastbound lane
Inbound is at a standstill.

The President has announced it is a terrorist attack said the radio

The emergency lane westbound
Volunteer Fire Companies
Long Island is coming
Dumptrucks, earth movers, cranes
Help is on the way

Possibly 30,000 people dead said the radio

Getting home
Seeing on TV what happened.
Has anyone heard from Tommy?
I can't get on the bridge to Connecticut
They have it closed, I am coming to your house

A plane has crashed into a field in Pennsylvania said the radio

Dad is here
We watch the coverage
We try to comprehend
Tommy is home and OK
What is going to happen?

Mayor Giuliani is going to speak said the radio

The President arrives back in Washington
He speaks to the nation
They may have attacked our buildings, but they did not touch our resolve
We are one
We stand together

There are no survivors said the radio

People reaching out to people
Have you seen this person? Worked on 97th Floor North Tower

Aujourd'hui, nous sommes tous les Américains said France

The calls coming in
Her husband
His brother
My friend
Our cousin
We will never forget you

Americans are forgetting the events of September 11, 2001 says the radio

She went to work
He was doing his job
He heard the fire call
They got on an airplane

They died for no reason other than hate against our Nation said the radio

The moment we forget the enormity of 9.11.01
Is the moment we forget those who died
Remember this day.

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Jennifer said...

That was beautiful. You captured the day in so few words.
Thank you.

Jennifer H.