Thursday, August 21, 2008

"Radical, Drastic," No, Smart.

The news coverage of Christina Applegate's choice to have a bilateral mastectomy is rocking the newsrooms across the country. You would think she was the first person who ever made such a choice.

Last night on my local news channel they reported on her "radical" and "drastic" decision. Then they interviewed a woman who was in her mid-sixties who was also someone who had made this "extreme" choice. She too was saying it was a groundbreaking decision.

Just like no two cancers are the same, no two decisions are the same. The woman in the interview was a grandmother and happily ensconced in her home with a loving husband. Christina is single and in the media spotlight with no children. Hardly the perfect match to interview thinking the perspective would be the same between the two women.

I wish they had interviewed someone young and single. Hell, I wish they had interviewed me.
I would have said that her decision wasn't radical or drastic, it was smart. She has her whole life ahead of her and she wants to live it to the fullest. I also would have said it is a very hard thing to do, but you can make the absolute best of it. I am driving my poor plastic surgeon crazy because I want to look perfect. And we are getting there. By the time he is all done, I will look better than I did before all this happened. Yes, there are scars, but they fade. I am also working out five times a week because I want the rest of my body to look as good as my new additions will.

I am single. I want to look good for me so I can feel confident on a date. I can't have children anymore because of cancer, but Christina can, according to media reports, and she should. She should plan for a future of love and beauty and a new start on life.

When I woke up from my bilateral I felt clean. I felt free. I felt so lucky that the cancer was removed.

I pray that Christina never has to battle the Beast again. I am glad she doesn't have to do chemo or radiation.

She isn't a freak. She is a smart, beautiful woman who is being proactive in saving her own life.
That isn't drastic or radical - it is common sense.

The media should leave her alone and let her heal. Just wait until her recon is done. She is going to be the best looking woman on the red carpet.

You go girl!

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Anonymous said...

You are so right, g . . . and I'm so glad you wrote these past two posts about Christina. I found out I had breast cancer in April (2008), and my surgeon said the same thing as that local news reporter, "Don't you think a bilateral mastectomy is a bit drastic?" To which, I said, "I am 39 years old, and I am NOT going to spend the rest of my life looking over my shoulder. Besides, you keep discussing breast cancer in general terms, and don't you think that triple-negative breast cancer changes that perspective -- a lot?" By the end of our discussions, he agreed to do the bilateral mastectomy and respected my reasons for doing it. Plus, after slicing and dicing the tissue after the surgery, the pathology report validated my decision by indicating that there was a 3mm area of high-grade DCIS in the same breast as my tumor. If anyone is reading this now and considering her surgical choices, please remember this: WE ALL KNOW OUR OWN BODIES BETTER THAN ANY DOCTOR. Do your own research --including the info at this fabulous site-- and then BELIEVE IN YOUR GUT FEELING! Thanks, g, for empowering us! :o)