Monday, August 11, 2008

Elizabeth, the Magnificent

I have already expressed my feelings about John Edwards. I would like to address this to Elizabeth.

For those outside this disease, they do not know what happens emotionally to women when they are diagnosed and treated for breast cancer. There is a feeling of loss of self. All the things that made us feminine have been assaulted. There is often a sense of lovelessness, hopefully fleeting, that can make us feel like we are somehow damaged. This can lead to us thinking that we have to accept whatever treatment we get from our spouses or lovers.

Elizabeth, in case you didn't know, you are magnificent. You are more beautiful because of your illness than a woman who has not been through all the struggles you have. You are a Warrior with a deep reserve of power and strength and that only makes you more lovely, not less. What your husband did is a reflection on him, not you. It is he who is weak, frail, ugly, unworthy and undeserving of love. He is the one who is skulking around with his head hung low in shame. It is he who is the pitiful one.

You, my dear sister, are shining and proud. You know what you have inside you. You have fought for your life and you are winning. You have come head to head with a far more formidable foe and remained standing. What your husband did to you and your family is nothing compared to what you have conquered. You have women across the world rallying to your side. And no one is more armed and ready to help you through this than your breast cancer sisters. We want to remind you of your inner strength and power. We will not let you forget your beauty, your grace, your dignity.

Hold your head up, smile that enchanting smile of yours, and remember, you are magnificent and we got your back.


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Doreen said...

Gina - another beautiful post. I hope that Elizabeth will read it - or that someone will forward your message to her.

The sisterhood is soooo strong .. and Elizabeth can gain the strength she needs from us. She truly is beautiful and powerful - and didn't deserve to be cheated on and lied to by John.

Gina - you have such a way with words ... very expressive and powerful - and also very caring!

Janis said...

Amen to that!