Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Spank Me Barbie?

Just when you thought the world had gone entirely mad something else comes along to confirm your worst fears.

Barbie is now a dominatrix.

Gone is the dream house and innocent days with Ken by the heart shaped pool. They have been replaced by a leather body suit, fishnet tights, heavy make-up and a large dose of 'tude. Don't misunderstand, she still likes her pink, only this time she prefers it on her furry handcuffs instead of her corvette. Ken, be afraid, be very afraid.

Here is our gal's new look:

This has not gone unnoticed by moms across the country. This piece ran on KTLA

Marco Gonzalez
EL SEGUNDO -- Mattel's newest plastic creation, Black Canary Barbie, is raising a few eyebrows.

She's dressed in a biker jacket, black boots and fishnets. This Barbie, with heavy makeup and long blond hair, was modeled in the likeness of DC Comic Super Hero Black Canary.

Parents have expressed outrage at the doll's clothing, saying that it's way too provocative…even going so far as calling it S & M gear.

Mattel is defending Black Canary Barbie. The toy giant says that the doll is part of the DC Comic Collection Dolls that also include Bat Girl, Wonder Woman and Super Girl. Mattel adds that Black Canary Barbie was neither marketed towards kids nor intended to be played with. In fact, Mattel has age-graded Black Canary Barbie at 14+, which they say indicates that it is for the adult collector.

Several mothers, however, aren't buying it….neither the explanation nor the doll. Los Angeles resident and mom, Roberta Moran, said, "They want kids to grow up too fast, basically. When babies are little they should have babies that are soft and lovey." Mom Zully Gomez adds, "It doesn't look very appropriate for a Barbie. It looks like a stripper."

Black Canary Barbie will be hitting stores this September.
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This prompted me to get out my own Barbie Carrying Case. I still have all my Barbies and her pals. Sindy the snazzy dresser who had the best outfits, and bless her heart, my mom was able to find brown haired Barbies for me because that long blonde hair made us curly hair brunettes feel left out.

Looking at the outfits and the innocence of my collection, I can only thank God I was brought up when I was. Life was simpler, girls could stay girls and not be forced to grow up too fast, and our imaginations were free to take us to kinder gentler places. Basically, we had a childhood.

Here is a trip down memory lane for all of you who grew up in the 60's and 70's...


And their carrying case, complete with hangers, wardrobe storage:


Jenster said...

Heehee! I had that same carrying case! I think I'm just glad my daughter has outgrown Barbies because this new one is a little over the top. Kind of funny, though!

No Surrender said...

Hey Jen!
I wonder what they would be worth on E-bay?
We could be rich!
Hope you are doing well.