Friday, June 13, 2008

Goodbye, Tim

I got up early last Sunday because the French Open was pre-empting Meet the Press at its usual time. I am so glad I did. To think we will never wake up to Tim Russert on Sundays ever again is incomprehensible.

He was a fixture in media and in the homes of every political junkie across America.

I respected Tim Russert for the love he had for his family and his beloved father, Big Russ, and his lovely wife and son. I also respected his talent for being fair and tough in his profession.
He was there for us when 9/11 happened and he just finished navigating us through this marathon primary season. I cannot imagine television news without this man.

He was a friendly face, an informative news leader, a warm presence, a die hard Bill's fan, a loving son, father and husband, and a familiar face who I woke up to on Sundays to wrap up the week that just completed and set the course for what we needed to pay attention to for the upcoming week.

There will never be another. A 'round table' will never be the same without him at the head of it.

I will miss Tim Russert. My heart goes out to his wife, Maureen and his son, Luke and to his father, who was his best friend, Big Russ.

God bless you Tim Russert. Thank you for all you have done for television news and by extension, America.

Sundays will come and go, but they won't ever be, "If it is Sunday, it's Meet the Press" ever again.

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