Thursday, May 8, 2008

Where's Our Little Blue Pill?

I did some research today. The companies that make Viagra and Cialis, Ely Lilly and Pfizer, both spent $90 million dollars on advertising - in ONE year. The Levitra folks sponsored NFL games to the tune of $18 million dollars last season.

They are sure working hard to get the message out: "Men, we can make your lives even better!"

Let's forget about what cancer researchers could do with an extra $200 million dollars this year. Let's talk about what breast cancer treatment does to women.

First, we lose our hair. It grows back. Eventually. Some of us lose our breasts. They rebuild them. Eventually. Then, if our cancer is estrogen dependent, they give us pills to remove every last trace of estrogen in our bodies. Leaving us in a state that is normally experienced by octogenarians.

But we are not octogenarians. Some of us are in our thirties, forties and fifties... we are nowhere near menopause and have a lot of living yet to do. But in an estrogen depleted state it makes our bodies shut down. Some women are debilitated by the body aches and pains these pills cause. Some have sexual dysfunction to such a degree, sex is too painful to even think about, much less enjoy.

And there they are.... singing away..... "Viva, Viagra!" on the TV.

I have one question. Just one.

Do you think if men had to have all their testosterone turned off in order to survive and the ability to have normal sexual relations was suddenly impaired, there would be teams of scientists, researchers and inventors combing the globe to find a solution?

What do you think?

There are ways a woman can compensate without adding deadly hormones back to our bodies. But the system is imperfect to say the least. I guess it really doesn't matter to Ely Lilly and Pfizer. There are only over two million women dealing with this right now and 250,000 women being diagnosed with breast cancer every year.


Kelly said...

My doc prescribed Viagra for me. However, insurance does not cover it for women...only men. It's about $5.00 per pill, which is outrageous.

Like you, I truly believe that if a man's sexuality was being taken away or messed with in any way, the docs and drug companies would move heaven and earth to make it right for the poor guy.

There really are no feasible solutions for me. I haven't had a period in two years, which sounds great until you think about the fact that your sex drive goes away too, you gain weight, and get hot flashes WAY before your peers.

Not to mention the whole having CANCER thing. Sitting in waiting and infusion rooms with other patients who are your parents' and grandparents' age. We just want to live to be their age. Even 50 sounds pretty good at this point...but still, not old enough.

I miss sex. I miss my sexuality. I miss the old me. I wish there was a pill to just bring her back. I'd pay $5.00 (or more) per pill for that.

No Surrender said...

Hey Kelly,
I hear you. You are so young and pretty - I swear there really is no justice with this damn disease from hell.

I didn't know women could take Viagra. Not sure how it acts on a woman, but it would be nice if it could make our self image improve, our bodies the way they used to be and return to us our romantic dreams.

(((hugs )))

Kelly said...

I took one a couple of Saturday nights ago and just fell asleep.

Maybe they just have the opposite effect in women.


No Surrender said...

Oh Jeez Kelly! For women it is a sleeping pill??? Great.

I know that Cialis must make people have the uncontrollable urge to take a bath since every commercial finishes with everyone in the tub.

hugs to you,