Monday, April 7, 2008

If You Understand This You Have Completed Breast Cancer 101

Dear Sister,

When you met with your BS did you ask him if you were going to get an SNB? Because if your SNB is positive, then you will have to get a full axillary dissection. They do them with lumps and with masts and you can have a + node with IDC or ILC or even DCIS. The more they do there the greater your risk of LE.

When are you meeting with your onc? Did he have any suggestions for a tx for you? Most of us get A/C or A/C T, but they are still giving CMF for early stage bc. I was glad I was Her- . But since I am now ER+ we are talking about an ooph and then I will start either tamox or an AI. I am a little nervous because I heard the S/Es from the AIs can be pretty tough. But if that is the best way to protect from mets then I have to do it.

Do you know if you will be doing rads?

I get my exchange next month. I am going for the high profile gummy bears. You are doing a DIEP, right?

Take care,

(If you DID understand this, Hello Sister. Did you ever think you WOULD know this when you were first dx'd?)


Jenster said...

Sadly, I understood every bit of it. Didn't know a thing when I was diagnosed, but when my mom was diagnosed a year later I was an expert.

Anonymous said...

unfortunately I too understood every single bit of it! I also didn't know a thing when I was diagnosed ... but learned quickly ... more than I ever thought I'd know ... still have LOTs to learn though.


Anonymous said...

I speak fluent cancer-eze. Wish I never had to learn, but now I jabber with the best of ‘em.

Deb C

Sige said...

Hey G-

I totally understand every word I am sad to say!

Kelly said...

sadly, i understand it all too.

in the beginning, i didn't know the difference between chemo and rads.

oh, to be so blissfully ignorant again!

danahollis said...

Nope... never would have guessed that I'd understand THAT lingo!

However.. LOL... gunny bears will forever make me giggle to myself. Thanks for that visual! ;)


Anonymous said...

Heh - what a thought-provoking post! Yup - I understood every word. My partner is surviving BC, and I heard about your blog on (Which is also where I learned to "speak cancer"!)