Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Thank God That's Over

2007: BUH BYE!

What a year. I found the new lumps Christmas of last year. I spent the entirety of 2007 in Cancerland.... a place I thought I was done with.

For someone as diligent as myself and as big a pest to doctors, it was such a shock that round two was discovered so late and required SO MUCH. Bilateral mastectomies, nine months of chemo that just ended, and next, radiation.

I never thought I could survive chemo again after 2001, and it scared me. I just wanted to get through it and prayed I would be able to manage it better than last time. I knew what was ahead of me so all I asked was to be able to go the distance.

It was a rough nine months and I had to really push myself. But I did it. I went the distance. It was a long hard fight and now it is done.

I know that rads won't be any joy ride, but I'm ready for them. I am stronger now and getting stronger every day... because I found out something in 2007: I can do anything.

THIS sums up 2007 for me:

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Jenster said...

I'm glad 2007 is over for you! It was bad enough for me and that was mostly just whining.

Thanks for sharing that video! It's especially fun for me now that I live in Philly. :o)

Here's to a GREAT 2008!!!