Monday, January 21, 2008

Here we go again

This story has a very happy ending. The head doctor has taken over my case and will now be the doctor who examines me. He will drive all the way over to the facility where I am getting treatments just to see me. In other words, there are still good guys in this world! And this worked out for the best! They are listening to their patients now and it really has made a difference. I wish there were more doctors like him so all of you could benefit.

Six years ago I was diagnosed with triple negative, invasive ductal carcinoma of the left breast. I had a lumpectomy and a full axillary dissection. I had six months of chemotherapy followed by a trip to hell.

The hell I am referring to was my radiation experience. According to radiation doctors it is not "the norm" which means, it didn't really happen in their opinion.

Let me tell you what happened.

I was sent to Facility A for my radiation treatments. I met with a very nice doctor who explained everything to me. They told me they would have to take X-rays to map me. This means they need to see where your heart and lungs are in relation to the radiation field so that they do not "hit" any of the vital organs with their radioactive beams.

When they were mapping me, I had to lie on an X-ray table for some time while measurements were taken and charts were drawn. I was topless for this, naturally. There were about three techs doing the mapping and a workman on a ladder changing the fluorescent light bulbs in the mapping room. No one but me thought that was disconcerting. Perhaps because I was the only one who was half naked.

When they were finally done and they gave me permanent tattoos to mark the spots they sent me to set up my appointments...appointments that would have to be every weekday for almost 8 weeks. The receptionist discovered that Facility A did not have any room for me in their schedule and I would have to go to Facility Hell instead. Facility Hell was a much longer drive for me, but I needed radiation so I went.

Upon arriving, I was informed that the powers that be in Hell do not accept the mapping procedures of Facility A. I had to get re-mapped.

When I had my lumpectomy, my surgeon used an incision much lower than where the tumor was. He did this so the scar would not show in clothes or a bathing suit. It is clearly written in my chart that my cancer field was at least three inches higher than the scar. In Hell they don't read your chart.

The mapping began with having more X-rays done and this time the added bonus of a CT-scan. Then they tattooed me. I noticed that they were tattooing me much lower than Facility A. When I could get their attention I mentioned that my scar was located "here" but my tumor was located "there" and pointed it out to them. Of course they thought I was making it up and ignored me. But I knew this was important so I repeated myself in a louder voice than I normally use and suggested they OPEN my chart and perhaps READ it.

They discovered I was correct.

Back on the table again I was mapped for a third time. I received my third set of tattoos. "THIS TIME, they got it right" they said.

Radiation began and I immediately had a terrible pain deep inside the breast. I complained to the head doctor in Hell and he told me it was nothing. I then started to swell. Not a problem, according to him. Happens all the time.

Radiation continued and I was burning badly. I had no skin left. I asked for something, anything to ease the pain. I was given free samples of aloe vera. This is the equivalent of a cement block to a drowning man. Other women I knew were getting gel pads to sooth their burns. Hell does not stock gel pads. Finally, a pharmacist took pity on me and gave me a cream to use. Biafine RE. It helped me tremendously. But nothing could touch the pain deep inside my breast. And nothing was stopping the swelling.

By the end of radiation I had a breast that was three times its normal size, orange peel skin, and red and maroon stripes across my chest. The doctor from Hell told me it was normal from the radiation. He had another doctor there as well when he was too busy to see patients and she agreed- this was a normal looking chest.

When radiation was over I did not do anything special for the folks from Hell. I had done a lot for my chemo team when I was done with that. But I couldn't wait to get the hell out of Hell.

My breast got worse. I was put on Cipro and it still got worse. Finally my surgeon insisted on going in. If this wasn't an infection, it was showing all the signs of Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

During the surgery it was discovered that deep inside the breast tissue had been badly burned. The skin had turned necrotic and I had an infection from that. The solution was to remove the bottom of my breast.

I have given you all of this back story because I am in Hell again. And it is happening- AGAIN.

When my oncologist told me I would need radiation I told him I will not use this radiation place- EVER. Apparently they are the only act in town. So I insisted on seeing the head doctor in Facility A. I told this doctor what I just told you. I also said I want my treatments in Facility A and NOT IN HELL. He promised me I would only have to go to Hell once, and that was for the mapping.

Once in Hell you can't get out. They told me that I must have all my treatments there. They assured me that the doctor who had mistreated me so badly was no longer there. But the other doctor still was and now she is in charge. I told her my tale and she said she only heard of that happening once to someone else and it wouldn't happen again because Hell has been cleaned up and it is new and improved.

Wanna bet?

The pain started this weekend. If you are a regular reader of this blog you know I do not complain about pain. I am the one who had the bilateral with immediate recon on just tylenol, remember?

It was the same pain from six years ago. Only this time I have no breast tissue to be turning necrotic. It was all removed. So just what are they killing? My pectoral muscle? My chest wall? I am not even going to complain about how difficult it is to swallow because my throat is swollen from the radiation that hits it.

I used to have a doctor who would rate pain like this: Can still walk pain; need to lie down pain; jump out the window pain. Jump out the window was the one that you are meant to call a doc or go to an ER. I had jump out the window pain this weekend. I didn't call the doctor, for obvious reasons and what would I do at an ER? All they can give me are pain pills and I can't take them. So I dealt with it.

I went for my treatment today. I told the techs how bad it was. The techs are very kind and were concerned. They insisted I see the doctor. She was not happy to be interrupted. In fact, she left the door open to the exam room to let me know I guess just how much of a rush she was in and what a monumental inconvenience this was. Oh yes, I am back in Hell alright.

She told me I couldn't possibly be having pain because I have no breaks in the skin. I quietly reminded her of what happened six years ago. I had no breaks in the skin when the bad pain began, the surgeons had concluded that they had burned and killed the tissue probably the first week of radiation. She countered this with, "There is no record in your chart of you having any problem with radiation six years ago."

"That is because you ignored it then and I wound up having to lose half my breast because you kept blowing me off." I said.

Her response? "I am going to have to see if that really happened. I have to get your chart from the surgeon who supposedly did this operation on you."

You know, I have had cancer twice. I just finished nine months of chemotherapy. This is totally unacceptable. I begged the head of this radiation practice to not send me to Hell again. And here I am- with the same problem.

So I have left word with him. I will see if he calls me back.

Patients are powerless so often in these situations. When no one listens to you, when the doctor looks at you and implies that your documented history never happened... when you are treated like an annoyance instead of a patient. It wears you down. So much so that you give up trying to fight it. You accept the treatment because you are just so sick and tired of being sick and tired and God if we have to fight our doctors now on top of cancer then what is the point? So we take it. And we wind up with serious complications because of it.

Not this time.

I have a voice this time and I will be documenting my journey into Hell here where many, many people read. And if things start to get worse I will name the facility and the doctors.

I am taking back control. I have had enough.

Please bare with me, friends. I will still have regular postings. But there will be updates on this situation. And if any of you want to add your own horror story, please contact me. I will be glad to add them here or on the website.


What part of No Surrender does Hell not get?


Anonymous said...

This makes me so angry! That woman,that So called Doctor called you a liar!! Okay even I know rads damage can happen with out skin breaks!! I am so flabbergasted. kick some butt babes!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh girl, you have really been through it but I can feel your strength and perseverance shining through. You will win girl, you will win. I have always been a Gina Fan and you were a great source of strength for me when I was first diagnosed. Everytime I read your blog, it reinforces why you're a hero to so many. I sincerely hope things turn around quickly in Hell and if they don't, I know you'll force it to.

Anonymous said...

I am fuming for you. I am glad you have the energy to fight and I have afeeling you will win! I will definitely be praying for that! Stay strong!

danahollis said...

Hhhhmmm... This does not please me.

Maybe at your next appt you need to bring your Attorney with you. ;)

Keep up the fight... your are worth it!