Saturday, November 24, 2007

Rest Well Gentle Jacque

Readers of this blog know our friend Jacque. She posted here often and was a kind and loving support to anyone she came into contact with. Whether here or on, if you had a fear, worry or question she would be there for you. She may not have known the answer, but she let you know she was holding your hand and she just simply understood.

Jacque was very dear to me and to so many others. Her death has come as such a shock. Just last week she was posting about buying new shoes and what her plans were for Thanksgiving and then on Thanksgiving morning she left this earth.

I find it hard to be thankful for anything when I think about Jacque no longer being with us. But I do know she would want me to find something... so I will be thankful that I had a chance to meet her. If not for breast cancer and the internet how else could a girl from New York meet a lovely mom from Nebraska? I am thankful for our blogs because we were able to share so much. I am thankful for because that is how I first met this gentle, loving soul.

I am thankful that for the brief time I knew her, she made me feel like we had been friends forever.

Matt, Greg and Mark, she loved each of you so much and felt your love deeply. Thank you for being such a wonderful family and for including those of us here in cyberspace in the latest developments and arrangements.

If you knew how many people loved your mom and wife and we could somehow channel that love into a huge hug, you would feel the warmth and comfort that Jacque gave to each of us every day.

I will miss you Jacque. You are a beautiful angel now- I know this because you were a beautiful angel here on earth.

May God bless you all.

with great sadness,


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for your lose.
I hate the Beast.


Kelly said...


so sad. so mad. so scared. but something else...comforted by the peace that jacque found in the end.

i will be lighting a pink candle tonight for both jacque and one of my chemo buddies who passed away on friday.

r.i.p. sweet jacque


No Surrender said...

Oh Kelly, hey girl, how are you doing?
I know- this was such a shock to me. I feel the same way- scared, mad, sad and bewildered.
I, too, am grateful our dear Jacque didn't suffer- but damn - to many wonderful women are being taken from us. We need a break already.


Kelly said...

i am hanging in. chemo #27 is coming up on monday. when i don't feel well, i just want to give up. when i feel okay, i'm all 'NO SURRENDER!!!'

how are you? where are you in your treatments?

No Surrender said...

Oh I know the feeling. It is like that quote from Hemingway,"It is awful easy to be hardboiled during the day but at night it is a different matter..."
It is hard to be "No Surrender" when Cancerland tries to get the best of us.
Chemo # 27 - oy! I hope it is being kind to you.

I am still on the Xeloda. I don't know when I will be off it. It has turned Immodium into a food group however!

((Hugs to you))
PS we will get off this Island of Misfit Toys someday!!

Jenster said...

I'm so sad and very sorry. This news evokes so many emotions and I can't seem to spear any one of them. I guess I need to let it process.

My prayers for the family and friends she left behind.