Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Friend Carrie

In June of 2005 I started helping out a group of women who were newly diagnosed. I just popped into their discussion on a breast cancer site and offered them some "oldtimer" advice on how to get through chemo. They are an exceptional group of sisters. Their strength taught me a lot and actually helped me two years later when I was rediagnosed.

I want to tell you about one woman.

I received and email from a woman named Carrie that simply stated, "I am frightened for my sister. She is having a really hard time with chemo. Is there any encouragement that you help me give her?"

And we have been emailing each other ever since.

She got her sister through the darkest depths of her treatment. Even when her sister wanted to just be left alone. They have a beautiful bond. They are sisters and friends and they are wonderful. Every pain Denise felt, Carrie felt. Carrie fought Denise's doctors for her when Denise was too sick to fight them. She made sure she got the right meds and ate something because she was getting so weak from the chemo. Carrie relentlessly thought up ways to cheer her sister up, even if Denise didn't particularly feel like being cheered up, Carrie was going to try, no matter what...

Denise once said, "There is nothing like laying in bed, sick from chemo, and you feel like the devil himself is trying to pull your eyes out of your head and your sister sits on the bed and reads you a poem..."

Those are my girls!

Cancer has touched their family too many times. Carrie has been the cheerleader, information gatherer, support system and prayer warrior for not just her own family, but for all the sisters she met through the breast cancer support forums she frequented to learn ways to help Denise.

She is one of those people who are really angels that try to pretend they are just regular folks. But if you knew Carrie like the Sisterhood knows Carrie, you would have caught a glimpse of her wings from time to time too.

Here is where I just don't get it. It is times like these that I want to say "Hey, God? Are you kidding? Not her. NOT CARRIE."

Unfortunately, it is Carrie's turn. She was diagnosed and she sees the oncologist tomorrow and is most likely going to get a bilateral mastectomy in the near future. It is not fair. It just isn't right.

But, she has been given a great chance to beat the Beast because she found her cancer at an incredibly early stage. And for that, God, I am thankful to you.

The Sisterhood always had Carrie as our civilian ringer out there fighting the good fight for us and praying for us and whether we liked it or not reading us poems... and now she is one of us.

This post is a salute to my friend and my sister. And it is a request too.
Please say a prayer, or send healing white light, or whatever it takes to let the heavens know that we want Carrie to go through this journey as painlessly and as free from worry as she has fought to help us go through ours.

If ever there was a time for Karma, this is it.

Carrie, all of us in our circle of friends love you and are here for you and may all the love you have given come back to you tenfold.

I am also sending Denise a book of poetry. Karma works both ways you know.

Love you,


Anonymous said...

Gina, thank you for putting into words how so many feel about Carrie. She and Denise not only have a special sister relationship but also are best friends.

I know the warmth and love of Carrie's heart. She feels deeply for each of us.

I too thank God for Carrie, thank God that this was found early and especially thank God that I can call her friend.

Carrie, it is time for all of us to show you the love, hands of friendship, the heart of caring that you have given us.


Anonymous said...

Gina, thank you for such a wonderful post about Carrie and Denise ... they have such a wonderful relationship - sisters and best friends.

Carrie: You are such a thoughtful, caring person - I have such admiration for you. I hate that you are having to deal with the beast - please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers - and I'll do anything to help you that I can.

Love and Hugs,