Sunday, September 23, 2007


As the pink cloud of orgiastic media frenzy of breast cancer awareness descends upon us I would like to take a moment to be aware...

This week our BC sister Shelli died.
I found out my friend who I was diagnosed with named Vicky died.
Jayne, the tripleneg girl who was so scared of her new diagnosis died.

That was just this week.

When asked to contribute to the cause or the cure or awareness, remember those girls and all the other warrior angels that went before us.

Check to see where the money is going to.
Check to see how much goes to the actual breast cancer "charity"
Check to see if it is a real charity.
Check to see if it is really "research"
Check to see if you are contributing to an awareness campaign... because those of us who ARE aware know that OUR CURE IS IN A RESEARCH LAB.
It isn't in a pink vacuum. It isn't in a lipstick or a container of yogurt.

Go to the NIH and look up their designated breast cancer research labs.
Two very good ones are Fred Hutchinson and the Cold Spring Harbor lab.
THEN decide. Do you need a pink spatula? Or can you keep your old one and send the money it would cost to buy the pink spatula directly to the lab of your choice? No middle man. No percentage points. The whole amount.

I am mad today.

We are losing friends. I want to hit the beast where it hurts. In the test tube. Because we ain't gonna touch him with a Lean Cuisine.

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Anonymous said...

It isn't fair. Too many gone.

It was a hard week.

hang in there! okay? I will never forget you or your avitar!