Sunday, September 9, 2007

Creative Process

This has been a very interesting few days. As many of you know, I am not computer literate and can be legally considered Technically Challenged. (Evidenced by the fact I can never seem to get a link activated in this blog!)

However, desperate times call for desperate measures and a little Rainman lives in all of us.

I spend a good part of my day, every day, at There is a fantastic group of women there and they have become my family. But BCO needed to upgrade its software... and not in a little way. They went for it. They built it from the ground up with their own servers ( still not sure what a server is because I used to be a caterer and every time I hear that expression I imagine one of my caterwaiters passing a canape on a silver tray.) Whatever they are, canape or no, BCO got themselves some new ones.

Unfortunately all hell broke loose over there because no one could sign in, navigate the boards, find their old passwords, log in names had disappeared and women's real names were appearing and in short- it was a disaster. I have never felt more sorry for a group of people in my life. The members AND the staff were both suffering.

So I googled discussion forums.

Next thing I know I am creating one. It was kind of fun.

It asked me if I was ready to launch. Good God. WAS I READY TO LAUNCH???
You know? What they hell. I hit "Yes."

And the new forum was born.

I told two friends and they told two friends and so on and so on and next thing I know I have over 12,000 hits and 50 members. AND THEY LIKE IT! I feel like I an hosting a really great party with absolutely no clean up involved.

It is a place for the BCO girls to come to while things get back to normal at our old home... but it is also a place that new women are joining that have nothing to do with BCO. THAT is very exciting to me.

I am still posting over at the old homestead when I can get in to post. And I plan on staying there like I always was. But I have to admit, this new spot I created is growing on me... and I am truly enjoying the creative process of making a home from scratch.

It you care to stop by this is the address: Message Boards

We're havin a party!


Anonymous said...

I went to the site and really, really like it, heck, I love it! I so want to see everyone there. Kudos Kid!

Jacqniel said...

Hey Gina - when making a link on blogger make sure you include the entire address (http.....). When I couldn't link, this was what I was doing wrong. Now I just open a new internet window, go to the site I want and cut and paste the address - that way I am sure it is right! If you still can't do it, let me know - a friend walked me through it.

danahollis said...

:) :) :) :)