Monday, May 7, 2007

Tomorrow Really Is a Better Day

Sometimes when we are in the midst of difficulties or hard times it is hard to remember that things actually DO get better. Time is a great friend. I learned this again and again but always seem to conveniently forget when I am particularly miserable.

An example of this is two months ago.

Two months ago I didn't think I would be capable of anything again. Bilateral mastectomies, axillary dissection and recon. Eight hours on the operating room table and then the only thing I can tolerate for pain is Tylenol. I did stay firm and broke free of that hospital as fast as possible and that was a plus. But home or hospital you still can't really move your arms that well and damn it hurts.

This all took place on March 6th.

This weekend, May 5th and 6th, exactly two months to the day, I did the following:

1. washed my car
2. started my garden
3. mowed the lawn
4. wore a tank top
5. watched a soccer game and a baseball game
6. had fun

Two months ago I was laid up with four drains, this weekend I looked great in the tank top thanks to the genius plastic surgeon I am blessed to have. A man even tried to pick me up in CVS... I never knew CVS was a singles joint!

What a difference a couple of months makes, eh?

I am omitting something. I just remembered. I also started chemo two weeks ago.
I told you the Beast wasn't going to take away my summer!

Anyone out there reading this facing chemo, surgery or a new diagnosis... it gets better. IT REALLY DOES. And oh, how the Beast hates that!

And pissing off the Beast is my favorite pastime of all.


Anonymous said...

Keep poking that beast with a big sharp stick! You are doing GREAT!! Life IS good, isn't it?

Big hugs
Deb C

Anonymous said...

Hey G-

If I am counting right, today was a chemo day for you. I hope it went smoothly and that those chemo drugs are kicking some cancer ass right now.

Go on a little journey in you mind...imagine taking a bright yellow highlighter and marking each and every cancer cell in your body...imagine the highlighter glowing so brightly that the cells almost hurt your eyes to look at them. Now imagine each little drop of the chemo is seeking out its own glowing cancer cell to devour. Watch the chemo completely engulf each yellow cell in your body and kill it. As the chemo works, the cancer cells fade to a dead, dark gray and your body begins to flush them away like the simple trash they are.

There is a war going on right now inside your body…and the good guys are winning….being a battle ground is hard work, but you are up to the task.

Sending you gentle hugs…

Deb C

Gina Maisano said...

You always have the right words, the warmest hugs and the best cinnamon buns!
Thank my sweet friend.

danahollis said...

Hi G!

I'm so glad you have such a positive fighting spirit. We can't always control what happens to us, but we can control how we react.

Our attitude is something we have major control over and it feels so much better to be happy than to be sad! I really believe that's very important.

Keep on keepin' on girl!


Gina Maisano said...

Dana, you are the best!
I totally agree- our attitude is our altitude!
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Just checking on ya...I have not hear from you in a few days. Hope you are weathering the chemo.

Sending hugs...
Deb C

Jenster said...

Just thought I'd let you know I've awarded you the Thinking Blogger Award. Because, well, your blog DEFINITELY makes me think!

Thanks for sharing so much with us and being encouraging - even in the midst of your battle.

Kelly said...

I was wondering too, Deb. I'm just now emerging from my chemo fog to check up on others.

Love the highlighter visualization, I'm going to use it too!

Hope you're doing okay, G!!!


Kelly said...

i just realized that G had her second chemo treatment last week, on 5/9, i believe. that might explain why we haven't heard from her since 5/7.

hang in there, girl!!!

Gina Maisano said...

Hey Deb, Jen and Kelly,
I have been AWOL in chemo fog - you are right.

Two down another ten more to go....!

Jen - thanks for the 'award"!

It seems like summer just walked in and is here to stay in NY- hazy, hot and humid. All my flowers are really popping.

Thanks for checking on me girls!


Anonymous said...

I soooo love your blog!

Don't fight the will lift!

I'm in your corner and know that I have picked a winner! When you win...I win!!!