Saturday, May 19, 2007

Live It Up

"Everything, everything gives you cancer,

Everything gives you cancer

There's no cure, there's no answer

Everything gives you cancer

Don't touch that dial, don't try to smile

Just take this pill, it’s in your file

Don't work hard, don't play hard

Don't plan for the graveyard

Don't work by night, don't play by day

You'll feel all right, but you will pay

No caffeine, no protein

No booze or nicotine

Remember -

Everything, everything gives you cancer

Everything, everything gives you cancer"

Elvis Costello

Red M&Ms, Barbecue, sitting too close to the TV, having kids, not having kids, meat, milk, stress, TV dinners, Microwaves, sugar, saccharine, Halliburton.....all of it. All of these things probably got me to where I am now. I am bad. That is why I got cancer.

Here is my diet and health habits before cancer: No red meat, chicken maybe once in a blue moon, lots of veggies, exercise, never smoked, didn't drink worth a damn, and I got cancer. My brother used to tell me what I really needed was a cheeseburger and a beer. I am beginning to think he was right. When I saw the cardiologist to check if my heart could handle the toxic chemo and he asked me my "health and lifestyle" history he said, "I am writing you a prescription to start smoking and drinking immediately." God love him. He knows. There is nothing we did or can do to change what happened.

After my first cancer diagnosis I was even more strict. I took all the cancer fighting supplements. Ate flax seeds until I couldn't see straight. And I got it. AGAIN.

Then I have friends who live a positively deadly lifestyle and always get colds and the flu but nothing else. I never get a cold or the flu. So I suppose the take home message is- live well and never get run of the mill sicknesses, only the big ticket items.

It is not OUR FAULT we got breast cancer. WE didn't DO anything. But it sure makes people feel better if they think that we did so they feel "safer." It is a shame that society feels we need guilt on top of the disease. Don't let them suck you in. The people who are putting you into the little box that says " Well she got it because..." are whistling past the grave yard, as my grandma used to say. For they are only a mammo or pet scan away from being diagnosed themselves. With the number now upped to one in seven the chances are not in their favor.

So here is what I do- when someone asks me how they can keep from ending up like me I tell them that they can do everything they can...don't eat fat, don't eat meat, don't eat anything but organic vegetables, don't drink, don't have dairy of any kind, don't go to barbeque's, don't microwave anything, don't drink out of plastic water bottles, don't eat salt, don't eat sugar, don't smile. And when it is all said and done, if you live this way as strictly as possible guess what will happen? You will die anyway. We all do. However, the people who live like that will probably want to die sooner!

Cue: Auntie Mame "LIVE, LIVE, LIVE! Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death..."

Whether you have cancer or not- LIVE your life. Have that pint of Phish Food if that is what gets you through the day. Drink your wine. Eat a steak. At least you will die happy.


Anonymous said...

Did you cut and paste the song from another web site? If so, it could have a hidden link attached to it...that would be my guess since the google add seems related to the song. You could try cutting both things out, copy just the text of the song into word and then copy it from there back to the blog. That should get rid of the link if you keep text only, not formatting, when you copy to word....Did that make ANY sense???

I would also like more info on the song. Is it on a CD or available to buy as a single? I have never heard it.

Sending you a huge hug for my envelope :) :) I love everything. The beach glass is sitting with a roll of silver wire on my desk. I think it wants to be a necklace :) Take good care of yourself girlfriend.

Deb C

Gina Maisano said...


You helped me get rid of that thing!

This song is old. I have the RECORD from way back when... I can't even remember the name of it. I always think of that song though. I DID look up the lyrics and it had that hidden code on it. Thank you for showing me how to get rid of that ad.

(anyone who missed it, I had a big ad on the original post and posted a big HELP ME! and Deb came to my rescue once again!)

Glad you got the package, Deb. :)


Jenster said...

Great post, NS! When my mother told a friend of hers I had breast cancer the woman had the audacity to ask if I had ever had an abortion because she had heard that caused breast cancer. I wish I had been there so I could have opened up a can of righteous indignation on her.

I love that Elvis Costello song. I don't remember ever hearing it and I was a pretty big EC fan back in the day. Of course it probably didn't mean a whole lot to me back then.

Glad to see you blogging with your usual style! :o)

Jacqniel said...

What a great post! You are right that they aren't trying to be incriminating - just trying to make themselves feel better - but you still want to drop kick them. I love your response.
Carpe diem! Jacque

danahollis said...

Here, here! Great post.

Happy to see you posting again. :)


Gina Maisano said...

Hey Jen, Jacque and Dana,

Jen it was from a really old record- LP- I can't even remember now. I always loved him too!

Jacque, LOL @ Drop kick them! Carpe Diem is right- although now I am playing more Carpe Wigem ;>)

Dana! Great pic! Love it!


Anonymous said...

Oh Gina...this so resonates with me this week. I haven't been keeping up with your blog but it seems your thought process is mirroring mine lately.

A few thoughts...people are more comfortable thinking they know what caused the BC so they can avoid it. I have to find a way to live guilt-free. Lately my thoughts are obsessed with what I can't do, can't eat, can't think... where's the living in that? Finally, when I was first diagnosed, I told a girlfriend the bad news. Her response was 'you know, they say, resentment causes cancer...' Since then, I have greatly resented that comment and sure hope that she's wrong (chuckling).

I'm finished my 4 DD AC and 4 DD T (last T was a week ago. I'm starting to feel human again but go under the knife next Wednesday (bilat). Hope you're doing well...fight the fight girl!