Sunday, January 7, 2007


This is my first post on my first blog.
I want to welcome everyone who visits here.

This blog is dedicated to every woman who has been touched by breast cancer. It is not limited to anything. We cover every aspect of this disease from diagnosis, surgeries, treatment, getting through treatment, living with cancer, metastatic disease and even losing someone to The Beast.

ER/PR Negs are welcome to post anything you want! I know your frustration!!

Got mets? Don't be afraid to post here. You won't scare anyone. If we can help you in any way we will.

Research and CAM info is greatly appreciated!!!

So let's see how this goes- OK?

Big hello to all my sisters on BC.o!



Anonymous said...

Wanted to says thanks for starting this website. I have been a Circle Girl and also owe much to BCO for all the info that I found when first diagnosed.

Diagnosed in Aug. 2005, IDC, Stage II, Grade II. Had lumpectomy with reexcision of margins; never got clean one medially and path showed vascular invasion. Negative nodes. Had 4 DD AC and 36 rads. Currently NED. ER/PR+, HER2-. I guess if one has to have BC, this would be probably the best one to have. I have chosen not to take an AI.

Have discovered many women, even with insurance, have such major differences in cost of their treatment meds; they are given different advice and nothing seems consistent from place to place; even follow up visits and tumor markers are widely varied. That has been so frustrating to read.

I hope this website does well. I know in the beginning, when first diagnosed, I couldn't read or learn enough. I was prepared when I went to see the oncologist. Women need all the resources they can find for accurate information.
I find that I still search and read as trying to return to a normal life has posed questions and has been more challenging that I ever though possible.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for site

Anonymous said...

Wonderful website. Thank you!

A wonderful place to share information, experiences, heartfelt support to give or receive. To get a better understanding and to not feel alone during your battle. All of which, I found, to be essential.

There are so, so many different issues and aspects that aren't addressed directly by the medical team yet are a part of the disease. To have a place like this is a true blessing.

I am also a BC.O alumni and must say I am thrilled to see this website stem from such good beginnings. May all who come here find strength, courage, and comfort.

Anonymous said...

This has not been an easy journey. It never is. To have to travel this journey again, different breast, different type of cancer after the five year mark is everyone's nightmare come true. Thank you for sharing with us in this journey. Thank you for allowing me to be a friend and I sincerely hope you have felt the prayers, good wishes, and love sent your way.

Many of us process breast cancer information differently. Some withdraw inward, pray, process and eventually come out fighting. Some need to share; have others around. I traveled for over an hour for treatments and I needed someone to go with me to drive but after that, anything that came up -I handled and I handled that first week after chemo. I didn't really want to be "sat with". If we are independent, do for ourselves individuals before breast cancer, well, that won't change. Accepting help after 2-3 days would get on my last nerve, irregardless of who the person was.

You have many, many friends that are walking with you, encouraging, praying, ready to talk or listen anytime you need them. This post surgical week hasn't been pleasant. Soon, you will know what else will be required. Just know that you are deeply loved and cared for - we are your friends. We live in many places but love and friendship have no boundries.

God Bless!!!